LF1: System error fatal?

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Re: LF1: System error fatal?

thinkinginimages wrote:

Timzee wrote:

MY wife has a Panasonic LF1 which she uses a lot when traveling. Today she started getting error messages such as:

System Error (O.I.S) and,
Please turn the camera off then on again

Error seemed to appear randomly but frequently such as when trying to format the media card.

Changed media cards and different charged batteries but no luck. I'm not at all familiar with this camera and don't know if this is something that there's a known fix for or whether it would have to be sent in for repair. Also if it needed to be sent it, wondering if the cost would be worth the effort.

Any input greatly appreciated!

I think you've done all you could do. The LF1 was a somwhat unique camera in the Panasonic grand scheme of things. The sensor from the LX7, a relatively long zoom, Raw format, a small viewfinder, all in a pocketable format. It was announced in 2013 for 2014. And that's as far as the LF series went.

Now comes the tough decisons. I suspect that it's a circuit board that's failing. Or not. The problem here is the cost of repair of a 5 year old, one model, camera.

I don't think Panasonic has anything quite as small as the LF1 anymore. However the ZS series might do. This is their "travel zoom" series.

Thanks for the input. Yeah, I remember when I bought this camera the consensus seem to lean toward there not ever being an LF2.

The camera does have some quirks-- not the least being the much complained about placement of shutter & power buttons. Constantly turning the the thing OFF when trying to take a shot. You'd think over time one would learn, but... 

I agree that it's probably not worth the expense to repair. Probably time to explore other possibilities.

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