Relocate Aperture referenced library?

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Relocate Aperture referenced library?

Yep, still using it with old MBP that was given to me with only 256 HD. I'm using referenced method and keep all Masters (original raws) on external HD with two other backups. The preview jpg's from my library dominate this MBP's HD to where I have no more storage room.

For now I'd like to just remove that library of previews to an external HD and continue using Aperture. What is the best way to accomplish this? Will the previews recognize the originals once relocated to the external HD? I did find this in search but wanted to verify here.

"Yes you can, here are the steps:

  • Connect your external disk
  • Open Finder and go to <your home folder>/Pictures
  • move the Aperture Library.aplibrary file to a location on your new disk
  • Open Aperture and go to preferences ( from menu or by pressing ⌘+, )
  • On the General tab, change the location of the library to where you copied the Aperture Library.aplibrary file

That's it, the library is now on your external drive.

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Or before opening Aperture, hold down the Option/Alt key then click o Aperture to open. Aperture will ask you where your library is, then you can point it to your external drive."

One more question. I was reading about generating previews in this one instruction book stating they prefer not to generate the previews on import in order to save time and space. They cull and rate first then generate the previews for only those they want to work on. This confuses me. If you don't generate some sort of previews on import then how are you seeing anything to rate in the first place?


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