1 year with Fujifilm XT20...

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1 year with Fujifilm XT20...

I got my XT20 + XF18-55 in early 2018 and have been slowing learning the system ever since. Fuji XT20 is a fun and compact camera and the tactile feel is really nice. As my familiarity with the camera increases, I find myself enjoying taking photos with this little camera and I eventually added a XF35 f1.4 for family portrait. Personally, I enjoyed the photos taken with the 35mm prime much more than the zoom lens so much so that the prime is almost always attached to my XT20. I really enjoy the Fuji jpeg. Though I still shoot raw+jpeg most of the time, I find myself rarely doing any processing work (due to lack of time and probably some laziness on my part). My favorite jpeg profile is probably Astia followed by standard though I do shoot in Pro Neg every once in a while.

I got the camera mainly to take photos of my baby daughter and if there's any complain with the Fuji, it's the autofocus on the XT20. For some reasons, I will get rather soft images frequently even when my daughter is not moving much. The hit rate when my baby is moving is quite abysmal. I tried AF-S, AF-C, single, zone, face and even in good lightings, I find myself missing alot of shots. Many are probably user error but I start to ask myself, why is the autofocusing system so frustrating. For example, one thing I really like about the XT20 is the auto function. I can just switched to Auto mode and ask a passerby to take a family portrait. Unfortunately, the average joe just cannot take a decent photo with the XT20 even in auto mode. So much so that I resort to using my phone these days because their AF algorithm is just light years ahead. This is really a catch 22 dilemma because the image quality of the phone is obviously no where close to the Fuji. But an in focus average quality jpeg is still more useful than a mis-focused high quality jpeg, so what to do?

With the launch of XT-3, I seriously considered upgrading due to the much improved AF performance. I did my research thoroughly and unfortunately, it seems the AF is still not up to par with Sony. According to DPReview:


In their standard AF-C test with Dan riding a bicycle in an non-predictive manner, XT-3 missed many shots using the default AF-C driver mode. Only after changing to a particular AF-C setting, then the hit rate of this sequence became significantly better. This confirms to me that, even the pros had to work hard to get the Fuji AF to work consistently. I am just curious to see if other people have similar experiences to me? Thanks alot!

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