What have I done wrong with this picture

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Re: What have I done wrong with this picture

What I did in a college photography course for depth-of-field was to put three small objects in various depths. One far away from the camera, one in middle and one relatively close to the camera (still being able to focus on it). Then simply take various pictures change one setting at a time. I started off changing aperture settings focused on the back item first and then when I had enough aperture settings for that object I would focus on the next object, set the aperture setting back to square one and start the process over.

When I was a done I will look over all the pictures and if done correct that ah-ha moment should come to you. Then when you go out an actually take pictures that are keepers it will make more sense to you. The best advice someone gave me on photography is take a ton of pictures and fool around with settings until you know the camera like the back of your hand With digital it's more forgiving and less expensive for you don't have to worry too much about development costs.

With Mirrorless cameras what you see is what you get when taking a picture, but DSLR aren't too bad either for one can always chimp (look at the results after snapping the picture). The only downside of chimping is that it is after the results, but the worse that happens is you miss shot. However, I found that with both mirrorless and DSLR cameras is sometimes the picture will look great on the viewfinder, but when you look at on a computer it isn't as good as you thought it was.  Even now I sometimes get disappointed in my own pictures because of that, but I guess that is what separates the great photographers from the average photographer (I fall in this category).

For example I have been trying to get a perfect picture of the following:

One of my first pictures

and my latest picture

I'm finally happy with this picture even though I still can find a few flaw with it. Though one has to know when to say enough is enough. Even this picture required post processing as I forgot to clean my sensor and I head to clean all the smudges up. I had to take out a line that was going down the mind as well.

Sorry about my rambling.....

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