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stevevp wrote:

Many thanks for your reply.

I do not wish to take this too far off-topic. In brief, I am a new Olympus user (~2 months) and have just returned from 3 weeks in Sri Lanka. I took my new Olympus E-M5ii, 14-150 (non-pro) and 75-300mm lenses. I intend to do a brief write up of my Olympus experience shortly.

Whilst I loved the lightness of the equipment and was able to shoot photos at an effective 600mm which I could not have done with my D750 (because of the size and weight) there is no question that I have a lot more noise to deal with. Some of this can be viewed as artistic but in some cases I would like to mitigate it. I am a Lightroom user but I struggle with the balance between noise reduction and a resultant loss of sharpness. Hence I am looking for a possible NR alternative.

You welcome Steve

If you familiar with this forum you will notice there are many very knowledgable people here and willing to help. My own gripe with some of the support one often see is....that link to great know how and practically applying in it in day to day life always seem to stay a vague unreachable goal....... So my approach and unfortunately far from perfect is to focus on the goal and not the theory......

That said I do believe MFT owners should spend just enough time to understand the origins of image noise, the ISO setting, exposure, ETTR plus plus......

Why? Well the MFT sensor cannot compete with full frame sensors if it is high ISO images you do. Sad to say this is when you go look outside the MFT world.

Again that said. I compared more than 10 cameras in a controlled environment while back and the results were very interesting. Ranging from top compacts, MFT, APS (Fuji) and the Sony A7 II....they ALL had noisy image results. I will not use anyone of them at ISO25600. If your Nikon 750 were clean on ISO25600 you need to hang onto it for those days you will need it.

What I saw from the results were interesting. With all these cameras not one were giving clean RAW files at ISO1600. Up to ISO800 yes. ( I tested in full stops)

So what can you do to "manage" noise?

Lets list the goals:-

- We want to avoid smearing away of details during noise reduction

- We like to keep the colors true from low or base ISO to max recommended ISO

- DR - I personally never experienced problems w DR. (Personal.. not true for all)

- We like to decide when it's creative or not....

How to "manage" a MFT camera noise?

- Its really important to practice exposure techniques like:-

- How to take advantage of IBIS to keep ISO setting low

- Find the safe and clean RAW file for you camera (Is it ISO400 or 800 or 1600)

- How to make use of MFT fast lenses to keep ISO low (f1.8 group or f1.2 group)

- There are a few great lower priced f1.4 lenses out there which are great

- ETTR exposure techniques

- Example, ETTR (plus 1 stop) and dial back the ISO with one stop. Find the best combos

- Some say, low shutter speed, low ISO, IBIS results in blurred street scenes, true but great in my view for night street scenes, especially being safe with having people in an image.....

- Software that's reliable:- PS, LR, DXO, WS, Topaz

- Determine your camera safe range for different conditions.

One function I read Nikon has and not in Olympus is... I understand with Nikon one can set the camera up to use a range (as with Olympus) but one can also link the minimum shutter speed before ISO will start increasing (not possible with Olympus). This you need to build into your technique...

One last point, although your lenses are great lenses they both slow you would agree. See if you could try a f1.8 prime like the 17mm f1.8 at night. MFT is much more forgiving on DOF, especially at night.......


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