What the OMD EM5 III should have if it want's to be competitive

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Re: What the OMD EM5 III should have if it want's to be competitive

I'm not hanging out for much.

2 - PDAF - no excuses. This needs to happen. The Fuji XT30 has this. The Canon EOS M100 has this.

This would be nice.

8 - Camera needs to be fast. Change a dial and change the setting. Like Leica/current Panasonics do ideally. At least like the EM1 mKII does which is pretty fast. If you think the Olympus cameras have been fast in UI feedback all along you really need to try a Panasonic GX80/85 or even the GX850. Change aperture or shutter speed with the dial and you'll see what I mean.

It's faster startup/wake from sleep that I think it most important.  This is a failing that has me missing photos on a regular basis.

9 - OLED EVF high refresh/low latency EVF. The Pen-F has one. And the current Fuji's do very low latency.

And the EVF could also be a touch bigger.

12- No bigger than OMD EM5 MKII

Definitely not! The size is the main reason I own an EM5 instead of any of the Panasonics.

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