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Re: What will appeal to the Chinese?

tomhongkong wrote:

examples of products for the Japanese market that fail to catch on internationally.

I go to China pretty often from HK and see far more big white lenses at sailing events than I do in the West. I don't have the figures to back up my observation, but think that the average Chinese photographer that I see spends far more than the average spent by members here.

Perhaps you're right, they will not be bothered by the low cost consumer kit which most of us have to live with


So true Tom, they will not be "sold" by their friends and stores upon low cost and even lower quality two lens kits that are actually 1980's and 1990's film designs with a token  ED glass & a design polish and which are atrocious in IQ offered by certain camera manufacturers in the past but ooh they are pleased 'cause that's what the soccer mom next door uses & the store said "we sell lots of these"   I'm pointing at you big two.

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