Any opinions on the new Olympus flash gear?

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Re: Any opinions on the new Olympus flash gear?

Gregm61 wrote:

Peter 1745 wrote:

Another downside for me is that the new Olympus RF system doesn't appear to be able to control the zoom position of the remote flashes. This is something I covert in other systems and miss with my current set up.

Yeah, unfortunately no, it does not. One would think that would be possible, and possibly will at some point via an update. Whether mounted directly on the body or being shot remotely off the receiver, the flash I am using is typically either being shot into an umbrella or bounced off a modifier like the Demb flash bounce attachment so I'm not usually too worried about this since the light is being softened/scattered further.

Thanks for confirming what I thought. If I really needed remote zoom head control I would have switched to a lighting system that had it years ago, but it's a pain sometimes to dig a remote flash out of its softbox to adjust the zoom position.

Anything Olympus did, could have done or is doing, is better than the silly RC/line-of-sight system they've stubbornly kept all these years.

I agree with you there. For years it was the only game in town for Olympus/Panasonic users and they had little incentive to improve it. Now Godox, Yongnuo etc. are producing rival systems that Olympus/Panasonic users can use, they have been forced to improve on it. Let's hope they continue to improve it.

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