Any opinions on the new Olympus flash gear?

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Re: Any opinions on the new Olympus flash gear?

Jeff wrote:

I'm taking a hard look at the Flashpoint version of the gear. They offer various 2 flash kits that look well suited to my needs. There's also a round head speedlite. Very rich system with lots of options.


I think you are wise to consider Flashpoint gear.

Some Flashpoint versions differ from the original Godox versions. A case in point is their version of the Godox Xpro controller, which Adorama released as an improved version (R2 Mark2) with Bluetooth, backlighted buttons and other minor changes, which I now know about thanks to you. I missed its release as Flashpoint products are not available in the UK and delivery charges, import duties and local taxes (VAT) make importing them from the USA unattractive. I see that Godox have just announced the X2T controller which does have Bluetooth and can be controlled by a smartphone app. No word yet on an Olympus version but I expect it will arrive eventually.

I've seen it written that Adorama gives better support to their Flashpoint branded versions of the Godox flashes than Godox does to theirs. I've no idea if it is true,

I'm interested in the new Godox/Flashpoint round head flash. I'll use the Godox name, (Godox V1) as it's easier to write than the "Flashpoint Zoom Li-on X R2 TTL On-Camera Round Flash"). I like the look of the light dispersal pattern from the round head, particularly when illuminating backgrounds. However the traditional oblong head format was developed for a reason. It concentrates the flash's power into the area seen by the oblong sensor. The greater light dispersal of round head flashes means they use more power to get the same illumination of the central area, which means longer recharge times and shorter battery life. I think it is telling that the V1 uses a Li ion battery, not AA cells.

The V1 has only just been released to reviewers and there are few reviews available yet. The best review I have found is by Robert Hall . If you haven't already done so, it's worth checking out his YouTube channel as it is a good repository of lighting information.

Whilst I may eventually get a round head flash, it doesn't take much effort to use a diffuser in front of an oblong flash head to get a similar look.

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