Any opinions on the new Olympus flash gear?

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Re: Any opinions on the new Olympus flash gear?

Peter 1745 wrote:

Jeff wrote:

Thanks again for your helpful posts. I have wanted to learn how to better use lighting, and you're providing some excellent pointers.

For what it's worth, I see that Adorama has a Godox compatible controller with Bluetooth available under the Flashpoint brand ...

And here is the smartphone app .

Thanks Jeff, i missed that, its been a busy winter, so much to learn and so little time.

From reviews, the app seems to need more development, but it's a good start. When it's time for me to update my setup I am hopeful I will get what I want.

Godox seems to brand that is most active in developing their flash system. If my current flash setup were eaten by a crocodile I would replace it with a Godox system. However my current system does what I need it to do, so no need to visit the exotic pet store just yet.

Keep up with the video posts from Joseph Ellis, a professional wedding photographer here in Dallas..

He's been one of the best at posting videos regarding the Olympus flash system, his extensive use of the Godox system to now and what's coming from Olympus.

I like his comment/workaround about adding a piece of orange gel in front of the white AF assist light on the FL700WR...

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