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Roland Karlsson wrote:

Alex and Smitty - you are incompatible as forum discussers - that is all. You should meet in another form and be friends. Your discussions are not constructive, no matter who is right. And the sun will go up tomorrow no matter what.

Agreed on the lack of constructiveness.

The issue is Alex got an answer to his question, yet didn't like the answer so he decided to keep fishing for a different answer.

My mistake was thinking that eventually, through retelling the same answer multiple times and different ways, he would understand he got an answer to his question.

Instead, Alex now claims his question was:

And that is precisely how you avoided my point. Instead of acknowledging that Ricoh Imaging likely has the capacity to continue using the Pentax brand past 2020 (based on what they did and are doing - notice the past and present tense), you tried to shift the subject towards the uncertainty of the future.

Which is odd since his initial claim was 'look at what they are doing today and in the near future (recent lens releases and centenary celebration) and why wouldn't they keep going into the further future. And now he claims I'm shifting the subject towards the uncertainty of the future. HIS INITIAL RESPONSE WAS WRAPPED AROUND THE FUTURE (as we were discussing 2020 and beyond) THAT HE NOW CLAIMS HE WAS NOT DISCUSSING.

Yet my answer to that is the same, having the capacity or not continue using the Pentax brand past 2020 (based on recent lens releases and current supposed centenary 'celebration') has little to no effect on what they end up doing at a later date.

Of course Ricoh should have the resources to meet their end of any contract obligations, whatever those may be (we don't know). Whatever they did yesterday and are doing today with the brand doesn't confirm what they are definitively doing tomorrow. It only tells me what they are doing today and what they did yesterday. We might get some warm fuzzies that it looks acceptably reasonable that Ricoh will do something "tomorrow" (or beyond 2020 in this case), yet there is no guarantee on it. And that is the point I'm making and the one Alex keeps throwing back in the water, looking for a different one by claiming I'm not answering him. It is dishonest.

We need to wait for 2020 to see what happens in 2020, and wait for 2021 to see what happens in 2021... God willing we are allowed to see 2020 and a 2021. Because there are no promises in this and that isn't specific to Ricoh's handling of Pentax but more in general.

You're right though that this seems to be going around and around. Mea Culpa -- I, in the future, will just nod my head and move on "mm hmm ok" Then we can avoid such matters...

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