What have I done wrong with this picture

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Re: What have I done wrong with this picture

RUcrAZ wrote:

I don't know if your camera has "exposure bracketing" feature, but if so, "what you did wrong" is you did not bracket the exposure.

Failing to bracket isn't wrong - it should be unnecessary most of the time for anyone who understands exposure and their camera.

It can be useful to experienced photographers in a few cases; it can be a crutch for the less experienced. But it's better to learn things properly than to keep on relying on a crutch.

Taking three photos, at different EV's tends to free me from most worries about correct exposure, and lets me concentrate on other issues (e.g., your high shutter speed, for tele lenses.) One of the freedoms available by digital cameras is that digital film is "cheap" so one can shoot away with exposure bracketing. It's a different mind-set from the old days. Too much emphasis continues to be spent on getting the "correct exposure" to the detriment of other more important elements of photography.

That's thinking the wrong way round. Getting the "correct" exposure (however you want to define "correct") is always fundamental. It's impossible to spend too much time on it - if exposure isn't "correct" the shot is - to a greater or lesser degree - spoiled.

Learn how to get exposure right so that it becomes second nature, then you can concentrate on the other things. Getting exposure right cannot, in itself, ever be to the detriment of other elements.

Failing to learn how to get exposure right, though, is of general detriment to one's photography; just as failing to learn any other element is detrimental.

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