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XT2 + 16mm F/1.4 vs iPhoneXS

i’m sure I’ve done something wrong but...this afternoon I took my new (used) XT2 out for a trial run with what is supposed to be a very good prime lens and...

Sure, it’s ok. It’s fine. But when comparing the output in Lightroom to that of my iPhoneXS...it looks about the same to me. And if I’m too zoom in up to the pixel level, I’d have to give the nod to the iPhone’s output: It appears to be a just a tiny bit cleaner.

So what’s this about? My eyesight is  20/20 and I’m pretty sensitive to detail, so I don’t think that’s the problem. Now I’m left to wonder: Why bother with all this gear if I can get the same (or better) results, for much less money, from my phone?

There must be some setting I’ve overlooked, but I’d spent several hours with the instruction manual and several online videos before venturing out today, so I don’t think I’ve forgotten some hypothesized menu option that directs the camera to record these images at, say, 10 megapixels vs iPhone’s 12 megapixels.

But it’s almost as if that’s what’s happened.

Thanks, in advance, for anyone’s input. Before I send it all back and return to my trusty iPhone, I’m hoping to find out what is going on here.

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