Any opinions on the new Olympus flash gear?

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Re: Any opinions on the new Olympus flash gear?

Gregm61 wrote:

Keith57 wrote:

Gregm61 wrote:

I have the new commander and receiver. Works perfectly with all three of my Olympus units, which are the FL900R, FL600R and even the older DSLR system FL50R unit.

Are they available to the public now?

I ordered mine from Olympus direct and received them several weeks ago. I see B&H has the receiver in stock currently, but not the trigger. You probably should be able to run them both down somewhere.


Thanks for the confirmation of them working with the FL900R and FL50R. I thought they would but didn't know for sure. I can understand Olympus not mentioning the FL50R as it hasn't been manufactured for years but the omission of the FL900R was strange.

I suspect they will work with any flash compatible with the old optical flash control system including my Metz 50 and Metz 64.

The big question for me is will they work with non "R" flashes e.g. FL50, FL-36 or the smaller Metz flashes that don't work off camera?

I read their manuals but no information about this issue there.

Another point I am uncertain on is the number of remote groups the FC-WR supports. If I am reading the manual correctly this is 3 groups but mounting a flash onto the FC-WR uses one of these groups and leaves just 2 groups of remote flashes. Is this correct?

This is a deal breaker for me as I often use an oncamera flash and 3 remote groups.

Any info on these matters would be appreciated.

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