What have I done wrong with this picture

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Re: What have I done wrong with this picture

NotSure wrote:

I am shooting with an 180mm Nikkor/ D500

The distance between me and the subject is 20 meters maybe and there is heavy wind and heavy overcast

I am trying to get in to M mode shooting

The reason I choose 1/400 is because they say with long range lenses you have to double the focal length in speed. Well here we have 270 (180x1.5). Well it is not exactly double but near. I could have also done it 1/640 & iso 640

The reason I chose F5.6 is because the sunny 16 rule says that for heavy overcast. And also, I want to see more details. More sharpness

The reason for the iso 400 is because the rule says it need to be equivalent to the speed number.

I am not touching the EV


so, what would you have don. Please tell me in speed, aperture and iso

TBH you shouldn't be shooting Manual until you understand how to properly expose the image, and stop following "rules" that counteract each other.  What you did wrong primarily is not looking at the meter.  Had you metered off a a mid-tone area of the image, say the green shrubbery on the right or the roadway in the background, it would have shown you were under-exposed (pointer would have been to the left of the center of the meter).  So you should have either opened up the aperture, used a higher ISO, or a slower shutter speed.

It's a common mistake for beginners to shoot in manual "because that's how the pros do it".  If shutter speed was the primary contstraint b/c of the wind and focal length, you could have shot in shutter priority with auto-ISO.


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