Ricoh GRIII mild first impressions...

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Ricoh GRIII mild first impressions...

Hi everyone.

I am a new member, but have been reading this forum for quite a while already. I wanted to share my first few days impressions with the GRIII.

After a year carrying the GRII around, and loving it despite the weak ISO and the dated contrast focus system, I felt so thrilled when I ordered the new GRIII. Using a lot the Fuji system as well, I was hoping to get the same performance with my only pocket camera. Now having it for a few days, and shooting quite some last night with it, I can give some impressions about it.

First of, the built quality is pretty good. The wake up time is much faster than the GRII. The focus (in good light) and the touch screen are snappy and responsive. I do have the wheel construction a bit wonky as mentioned in another thread, plus the IBIS system moving around the body while switched off. It definitely doesn’t feel shockproof, but I have heard that the Sony A7 system with its IBIS does the same clunky noise inside the body. Talking about the IBIS, it is actually working great, and was able to deliver sharp images down to 1/4s or even less (but I have shaky hands).

Now... By night, without the help of the AF assist light... well, the focus is bad, really bad. It struggle a lot when it is a bit dark. Like a bit, and I am not kidding. I then compared the focus with my Fuji X100F, both without the AF assist light, by aiming at my TV screen (switched off) reflecting some objects in shade of grey behind me, still easily viewable through the camera.  Out of 10 times, the Fuji quickly aimed the focus with no issue. I gave up with the Ricoh after 5 times not being able to get anything in focus. As bad as the GRII in my opinion. So bad that I do wonder if the phase detection is actually working. Hopefully, like the case of any Fujifilm cameras, the firmware update will correct the focus... Hopefully.

And the battery goes really only up to about 150-170 shots (for me) as some reviewers mentioned before dying. So second battery definitely needed.

So, to conclude, I am mildly impressed by the camera. It is a keeper of course, since I already sold my GRII, but I really hope Ricoh will do something about this faulty focus system.

Does any of the early adopters can confirm that I am not the only one having this clunky noise inside the body while switched off, and the wonky wheel? I mean I don't mind if this is common to everyone, but it doesn't give a reassuring feeling about the robustness of the camera...

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