M10D and CL with M21F3.4A and M35F2A shots

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Re: M10D and CL with M21F3.4A and M35F2A shots

JacquesBalthazar wrote:

Luo Yi wrote:

...... I am practicing guessestimation of framing the 21mm via the OVF. Mostly, I use these two combos for street shot, and occasionally for landscape. Is the SEM 21mm ok for street shot? Meanwhile, somebody suggests to buy in the EVF 2 for proper frame of 21mm. Your suggestions will be appreciated.

While the not-that-good Visoflex 2 EVF does allow wysiwyg framing with the 21mm on the M, effectively transforming it into a middle of the road mirrorless, you can also decide to have a more “authentic” Leica experience by using a 21mm optical viewfinder instead. Those are easily found 2nd hand (Leica plastic shell version is more practical and much less expensive than Leica metal shell version).

I personally enjoy those optical viewfinders as they give a completely uncluttered, direct and instantaneous view of your subject. They are infinitely more accurate than guesstimate, even if you need to remember parallax at short distance. Just set aperture, distance (hyperfocal plays well) and speed (or auto if you trust the system), and shoot away. Plus the add-on OVF will allow you to use the 21mm with any M camera ever produced, while Visoflex 2 usage is currently limited to the M10 and T line.

To answer your other question: the 21mm is very much OK for street shots, especially for close quarter sleathy “from the hip” sort of shots. I used it effectively within crowds in iffy environments, such as Morocco souks or street demonstrations for example. You will however get the usual ultra-wide angle perspective distortions on the sides of the frame when people are close by. One can get used to that though.

Thank you so much for your suggestions. Yes, I tried the shot from the hip this afternoon and posted some photos here. The experience was fantastic. I will practice more the street shoot with a 21mm. I may buy in an OVF for precise framing. Thanks again.

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