Adapted analogue FF compact camera lenses, which performs best?

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Re: Adapted analogue FF compact camera lenses, which performs best?

Heritage Cameras wrote:

Tons o Glass 0 Class wrote:

I know you're mainly looking at lenses in the 40-50mm range, but there are a couple of 35mm f/2.8 lenses that I plan on adapting in the future (I'm dragging my feet on getting a 3D printer, maybe you'll adapt them before me if you're interested enough): the first is from a busted Pentax PC35AF-M, and the second is the lens on the Nikon L35AF "Pikaichi" . Both of them have a bit of a cult following in the film arena (they both sell well and sell often on eBay) and they're bound to be compact once adapted.

I'm also mildly interested to see how the Olympus XA [and am slightly less interested in seeing how the Mju/Epic series lenses] hold up on digital (some other hot sellers).

The Pentax PC35 and Olympus XA are covered here:

Thanks for the link, Dave! I almost always forget about - some Google Image searches led me to that very site but I was getting 404 errors on all the links.

It sounds like I don't have much to look forward to regarding those lenses wide open, haha! But then again, if my adaptation includes an aperture maybe I could still end up with a couple useful f/8 to f/11 pancake lenses? I'll still probably try them out eventually (whenever the Fuji/Panasonic organic sensor collaboration bears FF fruit, perhaps?).

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