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I recently replaced my Eizo CG222W screens.

I bought the first about ten years ago and more recently supplemented it with an identical second hand screen. I then used the pair in tandem and they were brilliant. I particularly liked the Eizo ColorNavigator software which produces a colour profile in which I have substantial confidence.

Having decided to update my computer (MacPro 2013) I was reluctant also to spend additional large sums of money on replacement screens and consequently I was interested in the iMac Pro with integrated high definition screen. However, I was concerned about the reputation of Apple screens, especially the reported difficulty in obtaining a suitable colour profile. In 2015 Apple introduced a new wide gamut (P3) screen which is now built into all iMacs with 4k screens. Reports indicate that it is possible to obtain suitable high quality profiles with these new screens.


I bought an iMac Pro and now use one of my trusty Eizo screens as a second integrated monitor, to increase the width of the iMac Pro display. I decided that I would continue to use the Eizo ColorNavigator software to profile the Eizo screen (using an X-Rite i1 Display colorimeter) and to calibrate the Apple screen with the same colorimeter along with the X-Rite i1 Profiler software. By doing this I can compare directly the colour profile I obtain on the Eizo screen, which I know is excellent, with the colour profile I obtain on the iMac Pro screen. The two profiles are very similar and I have been delighted by the result.

Because the resolution of the iMac Pro screen is greater than the Eizo resolution, there is a slight difference in image magnification between the two screens; so I contacted Eizo for advice. As always, they were really helpful. They informed me that:

"It's best to run both monitors in their native resolutions. Lowering the resolution of either, will make the image blurry.

As the CG222W has a different aspect ratio, you will not be able to change your iMac to match without stretching the image or adding bars either side.

You can view more resolutions on your Mac in System preferences/Display, choose Scaled resolution. The list of resolutions may only show a few, to see more hold the Option/Alt or apple 'Action' key on your keyboard to show more hidden resolutions.

It's important to mention, while calibrating both screens to the same standard, they will still look different due to the age and technology of each LCD panel.

The CG222W is CCFL backlit, so you will be viewing a different spectra of light. With the age of these monitors, they may also show a warmer colour temperature when compared to a newer iMac screen."

The advice I received from Eizo is spot on: the Eizo screen is slightly warmer than the iMac Pro. I love my old Eizo screens, but I have to say, I prefer the profiled colours of the iMac Pro screen.  It looks absolutely splendid and is a pleasure to work with.

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