Teen son DSLR options (He maybe going pro)

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DSLR may not be the way to go

We are looking at a major change in cameras -- from DSLR to mirrorless -- over the next 2 or 3 years. In my opinion this is a bad time to be putting serious money into a camera system. Sony has a pretty good system going, but we do not know where Canon or Nikon will be in a year or so. Not to mention Panasonic or Olympus, which may be worth considering if he wants to do video or if he plans to travel.

For the moment I agree with the others on 2 counts: First, we don't know enough about what kind of work he does to give really good advice. Second, I hope he is doing his own research as well. It is good that you want to help and advise, but I think it should be mainly his research and decision -- even if he makes a wrong call he will learn more and it will move him forward.

With that said, for the short term I see two possibilities:

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If those Canon lenses are fairly modern auto focus lenses pick up a recent Canon body to match up to them. That's assuming they are focal lengths that he actually needs. That should keep him going for a year or so -- by then the future of the market will be more clear and he will know more about where he is going and what he needs to get him there. I don't know the market in your country, but here in the US lightly used Canon bodies are easy to find for maybe half the price of new.

-- If you start over I would look very hard at Sony. To me they  seem like the best gamble toward a long-term system. Whatever you go with I would not get locked into a system. No matter what you buy the market is going to be a lot different in 2 or 3 years and he may see good reasons to switch.

One last disclaimer: If he is doing something specializes such as sports action, wildlife or high-end architecture those things call for specialized equipment and serious money. Do some serious research and be sure you see the earnings potential before you go there.


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