Yay, just bought a Kodak DCS Pro /n... any tips?

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Alexey.Danilchenko Senior Member • Posts: 1,224
Re: Yay, just bought a Kodak DCS Pro /n... any tips?

Iconoscope wrote:

Keep the ISO setting low to reduce image noise.

SLR/n and SLR/c really have 4 hardware ISO settings - ISO 100, 400 and 800. The rest are software ISO - i.e. at ISO 200 for example camera shoots at base ISO 100 with underexposure by 1 stop. Using good converter like RPP, always shooting at base ISO and pushing in PP seems to produce a lot better results.

To OP and to add to Iconoscope advise: do look at slow ISO like ISO 6 - the technique they use (if used for standard non low light level shots - say studio or static environment) tends to produce exceptionally clean shadows.

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