Mount problem on NX camera

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Re: Mount problem on NX camera

kypfer wrote:

If the lens is a Samsung product and your camera works fine with other Samsung lenses, then the problem has got to be with the new lens. Maybe it was damaged in transit?

Presumably it wasn't cheap, so before you try to intervene and potentially make the matter worse, have you tried contacting the vendor?

If the lens was purchased through eBay or similar, or paid with via PayPal or debit/credit card, you may well have recourse to refund even if the vendor doesn't agree.

However, if this was a private cash sale you may have an uphill struggle

Whatever you do, don't try to fix it before exhausting all other possibilities. If there's any indication that the lens may have ben tampered with, the vendor may have good reason to refuse any refund!

Good luck !

Thanks for the advice!

Yes, it's a Samsung lens. I bought it private, and the seller says it worked fine with his NX1 and NX500 cameras.

Unlikely, but not impossible that it's been damaged in transit, it was very well wrapped though, and I can't find anything wrong with it on visual inspection.

Might ask for a refund if it does not improve.


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