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The electronic compass display is not available in Olympus E1X.

The E-M1X manual states that an electronic compass display is available during viewfinder photography and on other occasions when live view is not available.

I contacted Olympus Technical support and they provided the following instuction.

"To view the compass on the back of the LCD, press the |O| near the power switch and cycle through until you see the compass on the rear LCD."

I followed the directions as outlined in the manual and in the email from Olympus but there is still no electronic compass display in the rear LCD when I cycle through the screens.

The gps and logging are on and I pressed the O button before doing the cycle through the screens.

One of the screens just displays a black screen but no info.
GPS co-ordinates are displayed in other screens.

After doing a full reset on the camera I went through and reconfigured each setting to my previous setting, one at a time.

After each change I checked to ensure that the electronic compass still displayed as it was designed to do so.

All went well until I made the following change to the settings.

Under Cog I set EVF Auto Switch to OFF ( from the default position of ON )

After I made this change and checked back to see if the electronic compass displayed correctly, I found that it no longer was available.

Seems that this one setting will disable the electronic compass display.

I have tried this change a couple of times and verified that it is the problem generator.

This problem may possibly be fixable via a firmware update, and might be reasonable to submit to Olympus for such consideration.

Hope this information is of use to you.

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