It’s Nikon’s fault that I’m writing this......

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Re: It’s Nikon’s fault that I’m writing this......

Reservoir_Dog wrote:

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Reservoir_Dog wrote:

What if Nikon release a A9 like camera for sports? Switch again? No I don't think you made a good decision. Also, did you saw the lens roadmap and the quality of those lenses? The advantages of the Z mount?

1) Nikon will not be releasing another camera this year.

2) Their next camera will likely be an EOS RIP competitor, not a higher end model.

3) Sony's AF is already so far ahead of Nikon's, and will only get better with the FW update, that Nikon doesn't stand a chance of catching up anytime soon.

4) Nikon's current lens lineup is mostly consumer grade. Sony has big boy glass, like the 400mm f/2.8 for sports and wildlife, and they'll be releasing 500mm and 600mm lenses in the near future.

5) There is no proof as yet that the larger mount is anything but marketing speak.

Don't underestimate Nikon. Look at their generation 1 camera's build quality and AF performance in single mode.

Indeed, we should not underestimate Nikon. But we shouldn't overestimate them either!

Nikon took a very long time to get around to entering the FF ML race, and they are, overall, at least a generation behind where Sony are right now.

Their 3D tracking system is unbelievably good so if they can bring it over to their mirrorless cameras they will match Sony system. I know Sony AF is very good and get even better but im sure Nikon will match it.

Good as Nikon's 3D tracking is, the a9 is well ahead of it in both speed and accuracy. Even if Nikon manage to bring it across to their next ML, they still won't have caught up with where Sony is right now, and Sony are not standing still.

Their current lenses are not really consumer grade. Did you read those reviews and read their MTF charts? Their quality are out of this world.

Nikon produce great lenses. But so do Sony, and they now have a significant stable of them for their mirrorless full frame system. Plus they have numerous third party lens makers cranking up and cranking out some very impressive native ML offerings (Zeiss, Tamron, Sigma etc).

Nikon's legacy lens line-up is good, but they have quite a way to go to bring the Z- lineup to even approach parity with the quality and range of what's available right now for FE.

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