It’s Nikon’s fault that I’m writing this......

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Re: It’s Nikon’s fault that I’m writing this......

olstrup wrote:

Reservoir_Dog wrote:

What if Nikon release a A9 like camera for sports? Switch again? No I don't think you made a good decision. Also, did you saw the lens roadmap and the quality of those lenses? The advantages of the Z mount?

What if this, what if that. Why should the OP switch again if Nikon comes with an A9 like camera if the A9 meets his needs. Why should he buy a Nikon Z now which doesn't meet his needs because something better may or may not come at an uncertain point in the future.

My way of doing it has always been to pick what meets my needs at the time I have the needs - and then stop looking back all the time.


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