Sigma 30mm f/1.4 on a6400 Focus Issue

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Re: Sigma 30mm f/1.4 on a6400 Focus Issue

Gary3000 wrote:

chriswilll wrote:

Hey there! Would you recommend upgrading to the a6400 from the a6000 for stills only with the Sigma trifecta lenses? Or would you wait for the successor to the a6500 with IBIS?

If you shoot daylight and seldom have the need to drop to lower shutter speeds, have steady hands - and have little desire to shoot video, you'd probably be ok with the 6400 without IBIS. - (photographers managed without IBIS for decades)- and the Sigma's are nice and bright so you can shoot in lower light as well.

But an update to the a6500 is no doubt coming.. and with IBIS it will be quite desirable for those who like to shoot in lower light - and a must for those shooting video.

Surely it's only a 'must' for video if you don't have any of the OSS lenses available (on the rare occasions I shoot video I use the 18-55 kit lens and all is well).

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