Oly E-MX1 not an improvement for indoor sports over Mark II?

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Re: Oly E-MX1 not an improvement for indoor sports over Mark II?

Thanks to everyone who provided insight into my observations. I glean from the responses that AUTO anything except maybe focus is NOT the best way to shoot in this venue.

After reviewing several hundred photos I can add some additional and hopefully helpful observations:

The exposures of the photos were all over the place. The camera's attempt to adjust exposure for each frame in a burst resulted in a wide range of brightness levels and white balance from shot to shot. This is not as strange as it may seem because shooting with C-AF in 18fps burst captured varying lighting and focus point conditions. The variations between pics was the camera just doing it's job.

Also noted from this review is the performance of the C-AF: ie it seems to be a little more accurate throughout the burst than the MrkII.

In future sessions I will lock down the ISO and WB and shoot in shutter speed mode. I believe this will result in aperture changes adjusting the exposure. This approach is probably limited by the lens performance and if not satisfactory I can just lock all the variables by shooting in Manual and accepting the small variations in exposure that will result.

If these measures fail to provide improvement I'll look into the flick reduction settings that some members mentioned! Thanks.

I'm not giving up on the camera: I hope that the measures contemplated here will fix the EVF darkening and failure to fire behavior that I reported.

Thanks again for everyone's considered suggestions



ps Another odd behavior of the camera is sometimes when I press the review pb the camera takes a picture?

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