It’s Nikon’s fault that I’m writing this......

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Re: It’s Nikon’s fault that I’m writing this......

LenRivers wrote:

This only works if mirrorless is the goal. There is no savings cost or physical size if the plan is to copy your DSLR set up with mirrorles.

You're absolutely right about this. I laughed when a friend of mine told me how I'd love the size/weight savings. That's nonsense. Once you add good glass, its the same thing. And actually, the 24-70 on the Sony is bigger than the 17-55 I had on my D500.

It also makes no sense to me if I would have stayed with Nikon to buy the mirrorless counterparts.

I learned this first-hand obviously. Nikon has a long way to go with their mirrorless offerings

Still i am sure no one thought Nikon or canon would get into mirrorless. Sony has more years doing this and if this was years ago I would still buy a dslr over Sony first generation stuff

I'll disagree here. There's no way that, as a company, Nikon or Canon could see their marketshare dwindling and NOT get into the mirrorless game. This is just another example of a big company (companies) resting on their laurels and thinking nobody could touch them. They waited too long, period.
Many of us are somewhat guilty of this. I know when I first heard about mirrorless cameras I thought "what's the big deal? So it doesn't have a mirror. So what?", but it's much more than that. The EVF giving you true what-you-see-is-what-you-get on exposure, the in-camera stabilization, etc, etc. There's just more to it. I'm sold on it, that's for sure.

To me I don’t see how the Sony A9 is a better camera to the A73

Here again, try them both and I SERIOUSLY doubt you'd have that opinion past the first 15 seconds of using them back to back.
In my experience with the A9 so far it is better at focus tracking than even my D500 was. It's just amazing. Watch this and see for yourself.... not just the reviewers comments, but the comments of the other sports shooters he handed the camera to made.

yes I agree Sony has some better tracking options but Nikon is no slouch or every single professional major shooter would have Sony gear. I have not seen this yet. This is more a pro or consumer thing

Sony is just now starting to come out with glass for the sports shooters you mention. I have no doubt that if the glass was there for them, they'd jump ship too. In that business it comes down to how many "keepers" you have and make no mistake, there's just more of them with the Sony. I never would have thought this either if I hadn't bought this camera and seen it for myself.

I also don’t really see any wedding photographers in my area shoooting mirrorless let alone most everyday consumers. They will spend $1000 on a iPhone faster then $2k to $3000 min on an advanced camera

We're a LONG way away from phone cameras making pro-sumer cameras obsolete for the simple fact that the sensors on the phones are limited to the size they can be. They are amazing in what they can do, but will always leave you wanting more (focal lengths, etc)

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