Teen son DSLR options (He maybe going pro)

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making money vs making a living

73Instamatic wrote:

Fresch wrote:

If he is making money why change in mid stream, bodies are cheap get a Canon. He can change when he is a pro making a living from his gear not just making some money.

I agree completely. If/when you're making a living on something that requires "tools", whether that be woodworking, photography, golf, or anything else, you can always justify the cost of the gear you really need. It becomes a "cost of doing business".

Figure out what the A55 doesn't do that he genuinely needs it to. Address it in an expedient way. Don't break the bank up front.

These posters are on to something.  There's a difference between making money and making a living.  For most types of photography, the system used by the photographer isn't that important.  Sure, people have preferences.  And certainly every brand has competitive advantages.  But, there isn't a silver bullet that if you buy such-and-such system your son will go from making some extra money to making a living.  If he's going to be able to move beyond minimum wage earnings he'll have learned what he needs to about the limitations of his gear.  And, more importantly, learn what he needs for what he shoots.

What you're going to get a lot of on a photography forum is people pushing gear they like - in most cases without any knowledge or caring about the specific needs/wants of your son as an individual.

For my part, I would suggest there isn't enough information.  We don't know what he shoots, who his clients (or potential clients are).  And, if as you suggest your 15 year old son is on the verge of being able to earn a living from his photography he isn't likely to benefit from third hand advice - it's best to get advice directly from people who earn their living from the type of photography he's going to earn his living doing.  Too much bad advice otherwise.  And, likely, a lot of wasted money on your part.

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