Oly E-MX1 not an improvement for indoor sports over Mark II?

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Oly E-MX1 not an improvement for indoor sports over Mark II?

I shoot college basketball with the Oly E-M1 II and have begun using the E-MX1 for that purpose. I would like to share some difficulties that the new camera has presented mainly with regards to usability:

1. Overall exposure acquisition vs the mrkII seems slower; ie when using autoWB in both cameras, I perceive the mrkII as quicker and more accurate at locking the exposure when using C-AF in burst mode 18fps.

2. The evf of the E-Mx1 darkens while shooting in the above mode to a much greater extent than the mrkII. This behavior occurs in all Evf styles. As a note, I shoot in the default refresh rate for the Evf and have not experimented with the high refresh rate. This is the most annoying of my difficulties.

3. Although I have setting "C-Af release ON" for burst shooting the E-Mx1 will frequently refuse to fire. I have not experienced this with my MrkII. Again, a usability annoyance.

4. This unsatisfying performance has occurred while shooting with the Olympus 75 f1.8 lens and the Panasonic nockticron 42 F1.2. These lenses have performed brillantly for me on the MrkII.

5. Switching between the various exposure metering modes on E-Mx1 results in greater variation in exposure than what I've experienced with the MrkII.

6. These observations of the E-Mx1 are based on inside gym lighting in autoWb. The outdoor sport shooting of the camera seems on par with the MrkII. I'm not prepared to offer an opinion on autofocus improvement in C-AF. On thing I noticed about the E-Mx1 right out of the box: the autoWb tended toward a magenta tint in the Evf before settling into a more correct exposure.

For my purposes the E-Mx1 may not be an improvement over the MrkII. Many of the advanced modes do not currently play a role in my photography, but I am interested in the improved auto-focus in video mode.

I would like to hear from fellow user who may have ideas about my difficulties.



Olympus E-M1
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