Teen son DSLR options (He maybe going pro)

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Re: Teen son DSLR options (He maybe going pro)

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I am in a dilemma of sorts, trying to guide my son to which system and camera to use.

I inherited some camera equipment from my late brother.
I gave my son the Sony SLT55 with kit lens and we are in the process of repairing a zoom lens with a stuck aperture ring. He has been shooting since he was 10 and 3 years with his current setup. His shots have improved to a point that he is shooting professionally with his current setup at 15 years of age.

The rest is a smorgasbord of various lenses and lighting.
The notable lens includes a 28-135mm macro lens and 20-35mm (3.5-4.5). Both of which are made in Japan Canons. One Sigma 150-500mm (5-6.3) APO HSM. They are all Canon mount lenses.

My question is....should he buy a body to suit the lens or sell it all and move to a new system?

The caveat is that he will be self-funded and he has only one gig which is paying a fair price. Before I forget, we are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kindly detail your decision thank you.

If he is making money why change in mid stream, bodies are cheap get a Canon. He can change when he is a pro making a living from his gear not just making some money.

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