It’s Nikon’s fault that I’m writing this......

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Re: It’s Nikon’s fault that I’m writing this......

This only works if mirrorless is the goal. There is no savings cost or physical size if the plan is to copy your DSLR set up with mirrorles.

That was my goal

however I never would have sold my D850 and D750 if I was rebuying Sony f2.8 zooms and f 1.4 primes again to duplicate Nikon.

It also makes no sense to me if I would have stayed with Nikon to buy the mirrorless counterparts.

Still i am sure no one thought Nikon or canon would get into mirrorless. Sony has more years doing this and if this was years ago I would still buy a dslr over Sony first generation stuff

I had the Sony A6500 for a short time it was very problematic for me.

I went back to Fuji X for a short time and played with Panasonic which the G9 is a fun camera I only need one lens is as my investment

anyway if the Sony A73 was a failure for what I do with the minimiistic kinda of lenses I found work for me I would have waited longer for mirrorless to get it really right.

To me I don’t see how the Sony A9 is a better camera to the A73

yes I agree Sony has some better tracking options but Nikon is no slouch or every single professional major shooter would have Sony gear. I have not seen this yet.  This is more a pro or consumer thing

I also don’t really see any wedding photographers in my area shoooting mirrorless let alone most everyday consumers. They will spend $1000 on a iPhone faster then $2k to $3000 min on an advanced camera

i am sure the Sony A9 mark 2 will be the next thing and opinions will change again

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