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I've hit an issue which I would like to solve. I've just gone over to Mojave, I didn't want to at this time but someone else on my network did and it messed up Calendar. BTW I can't revert without messing up our little network and having to revert two other computers too.

So it's now on and Aperture works OK except for one thing which is currently important to me. On the current project, and on every other one where I use scans for book illustrations I run the scan, which is a tiff, through Noise Ninja which opens direct from Aperture and produces a PSD file. I then manipulate this file in PS CS6 and save it. Since going over to Mojave when it saves I get the black image saying unsupported image format. Existing files are visible but when I click on them they go black. I have a workaround to save as a tiff but this has different characteristics, they are darker, not much but enough to mess up my work pattern. I really want to save as a PSD and for it to be visible in Aperture. Has anyone come across this in Mojave? If they have could they solve it? Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I may resolve it?

I should also add that this affects photos already done and new photos coming in taken recently.

I've stuck with Aperture as it is unique and does more or less all I need. I know many will advise me to change now to something else but therein lies the rub, which one to change to. LR is the obvious one but I don't like the subscription model and up until all has been well. If there is a solution to this I would rather stick.

Many thanks if you are able to assist

That's rather a mess, unsupported software on top of unsupported software. Risky business.

Is the PSD direct from Ninja OK in Aperture? Since it's created an Adobe PSD, perhaps that's the source of incompatibility. Can you save from Ninja in a TIFF? And then into CS6 and then create the PSD in CS6, NOT Ninja?

I had considered that but can't see a way as NN is used as a plug-in. I'll give it a look again though. Appreciated. Many thanks

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