Z6 or A7iii ??

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Re: Z6 or A7iii ??

liopleurodon wrote:

It sounds like your decision is made for you by your choice of lenses. Go with the Sony as e-mount has the lenses you want native. In reality there isn't a much in the way of difference between the two bodies in terms of output, both have great DR, clean high ISO, sharp 4k video, etc. The Sony has better autofocus (speed and reliability) and battery life, the Nikon has a better viewfinder and likely better ergonomics (haven't shot one yet so I can't comment). Both will take great photos and video. So your decision comes down to glass. I chose Sony FE as my system because of lenses, not the body itself.

Looks like I'm going this way atm! I guess there's no point getting a really good camera if I don't have the lenses I want, and the Sony does look just as good.

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