Ricoh GR aperture blades won't open at start up

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Re: Ricoh GR aperture blades won't open at start up

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Thanks for your feedback Bren. I know the GR is a fragile camera due to its expandable lens design. From day one I protected it using the GH-3 lens adapter and stored it in a dedicated camera bag. You assume that I would have treated mine roughly, far from that. The point is that the lens/shutter module seems to have a limited 45+K lifetime. What is your shutter count now?

I've used the camera heavily but at present the camera screen is broken because of my own stupidity so I can't check the shutter count. I have certainly taken more the 50 K shots with it. I don't think you can check the shutter count for the exif data in the jpeg or raw file

You may be able to estimate it, if you did not change the naming sequence. But any file you create with the camera counts as well, so if you do a lot of bracketing or camera edits, it will be hard to estimate.

How to check the Mechanical Shutter Count of your GR or GR II:

Set the Mode Dial to Movie Mode > Press Disp. + Play Buttons simultaneously > press right to see the Mech Count screen

Not much help if the screen is missing...

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