Can motion blur be avoided with on camera flash ?

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Re: Can motion blur be avoided with on camera flash ?

mikeyw wrote:

TonyNC wrote:

Slow shutter is going to give you more ambient light {at the cost of blur) I've found 1/80 to be lowest speed to stop most hand gestures. High shutter speed like 1/200 will give you dark/black background (no ambient light) Finding the balance point is the trick.

My goto setting for many years of event work has been pretty straightforward:
Manual mode ISO 400(no Auto ISO) 1/100 f/4 TTL flash Use some sort of modifier and bounce straight up or slightly backward if possible.

I have taught that in my classes and workshops for over a decade and most people find it pretty accurate.

It may not be perfect in every situation but it gets you close enough to tweak to your personal taste.

Hope that helps

Thanks Tony - i'm no expert here but i thought increasing ISO also allowed more ambient light ?

This is one of those "yes, but..." answers. You'll get a bit more ambient but at 1/200 you'll likely lose it. 1/200 isn't necessary to stop gesture movement..

In that case wouldn't ISO 800 work well with 1/200th ?

ISO 800 will make your flash more efficient. It will fire at lower power which will give you faster recycling time - certainly a plus. I would have no issue using 800 over 400 with any modern gear.

Remember flash basics:

Shutter speed controls the amount of ambient you get

Aperture controls effective flash range

ISO effects flash efficiency

Sensors are pretty clean now so 800 would give pretty clean results imho.



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