Are Polarizing filters worth the money ?

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Re: Are Polarizing filters worth the money ?

ronald wright wrote:

i dont agree with the need for filters for protection. but it cant hurt -- so put a $20 piece of glass on a $2000 lens. just doesnt make sense to me.

but there are many reasons to use a polarizer filter for certain situations. cut out reflections, more intense colors, darker sky, etc.

What doesn't make sense is to compare the usefulness of something considering the pricing.

Would it makes a difference to put a 2000$ filter on a 2000$ lens?

Justifying the decision based on the price is thus meaningless because you disregard the actual reason why even a 2000$ filter would impact the lens's performance. One reason is that the presence of this filter is an extra layer of glass, which will increase the amount of unwanted reflection between the optical elements.

I bought a few 20$ UV filter and I was impressed how transparent they are... Their impact is minimal and it has saved countless of time my lens from unwanted contamination from water and my stupidity (trying to remove the lens cap when there's none).

If you turn around the UV filter, it goes from transparent to something you can actually discern... the performance of the filter is thus dependent on the angle of the incoming light. It's more reflective when the angle of incidence is not normal. I think that's the only con using one of these filters. Personally, I know that my 2200$ still take great pictures and I feel a lot less stressed to use it in risky conditions (i.e. rain).

Edit: Also, cleaning marks on the front element is a big NO NO if you want to keep your lens's aftermarket value. Never ever touch it. UV filter = solution for this. You can easily replace a 20$ filter, less a front element.

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