Z6 or A7iii ??

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billyb12321 wrote:

I mainly use my camera as a hobby with occasional jobs (although I hope to get more photography gigs when I go to uni next year). The fact that it only has one card slot isn't a deal breaker and SD cards seem to break (physically) quite easily so the XQD format may be a benefit despite the initial card price and single slot.

sd cards are extremely reliable, and generally cheaper than xqd.

Agreed - I haven't had an SD card corrupt, however they physically fall apart easily - unlike XQD. However as you say, they are much cheaper - so if one breaks and I have a backup which I would with the a7iii then I can just get a new SD.

sd cards don't "fall apart easily", that is nonsense.

you will not find many sony owners who want to pay the xqd premium, for the same amount of storage space.

dual sd card slots are far superior to a single xqd slot... much has been written about that, it's really not arguable.

I really like the look of the ergonomics and build quality of the Z6 (e.g. much better weather sealing than the sony)

the a7iii is loaded with weather seals, so no, the z6 doesn't have "much better weather sealing".

Sony a7iii

Although the A7iii has weather sealing there are many horror stories of water damage

"many"? lol, no.

there are "horror stories" of water damage with all camera brands, and z-mount is the new kid on the block, with no history, it's not a basis for comparison.

and in general it doesn't have the same reputation of Nikon as the Z6 has the same weather sealing as the D850

z6 is not a d850, and the z6 hasn't been on the market long enough to prove anything about it's weather sealing.

you've been spending too much time in the Nikon echo chamber

Nikon eyeaf is not in the same league as sony eyeaf, and z-mount af-c is weak sauce at best.

Again true, but Nikon is likely to catch up to Sony in the future and at least come very close in eye AF and AFC

doubtful, because sony is already on the next level of af: https://www.dpreview.com/articles/0650136683/sony-s-real-time-tracking-is-a-big-leap-forward-for-autofocus

sony has been developing ospdaf for what, over 8 years now? Nikon doesn't have any stacked sensor bodies like the a9, and so far Nikon doesn't have any big lens picture wrt lens performance specs, like sony does.


no camera company on the planet can match that.

Nikon lenses are not lighter, that new z-mount 50/1.8 for example is a nice piece of glass, but it's much heavier than the fe55/1.8.

Definitely true at the moment, I'm just not sure how it will change with the releases of new Z lenses - but there are definitely some very good sony lenses out at the moment - pulling me towards sony!!

I like most of the z-mount lenses, minus that ridiculous 58/0.95 of course.

the price/performance on that z50/1.8 in particular hits a pretty sweet spot, I wish that we had that lens in e-mount... we also still don't have an e-mount 35/1.8.

but e-mount is a far superior overall solution, and it's far better developed... buying into weak z-mount af-c now won't help you with any of your current projects.

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