Changing out the D850 with a D5. Would you do it? (Wildlife)

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Re: Changing out the D850 with a D5. Would you do it? (Wildlife)

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So i got offered to trade my Nikon D850 for a Nikon D5. No money involved, just a straight up trade. Both about the same age and with the same amount of shutter actions.

A new D5 = $6,496.00

A new D850 = $3,096.00

What kind of crazy maniac wants to do a straight trade going from a D5 to a D850 with no money involved for the difference in price? Odd. Is there something wrong with the D5?

Agreed on that... I wonder if something is amiss with the D5. If not, the OP should go for it before D5 owner realizes their mistake.

The D850 is perfectly fine for wildlife, unless you want the extra FPS. In that case it's cheap to buy the grip + batteries to speed up the FPS of the D850, or go with a D500 which has 10FPS, AF points covering the entire viewfinder, and about 2 megapixels more than the D850 in crop mode.

The D5 offers lower resolution, perhaps slightly better AF algorithm (maybe) and slightly better high ISO performance. Unless you shoot mostly in low light and need the improved high ISO performance, stick with the D850.

Agreed. For birding I would rather have D850, way more pixels to crop in, same autofocus module as the D5, although real world tests show D5 is still slightly better.

I get the feeling that the "tests" compare the D850 with the stock battery sans grip. I think with the grip and D5 battery, it will probably gain that small performance difference back (or maybe the small performance difference exists because the D850 is being a bit more precise, as it should be, with the additional resolution).

I'd suggest the OP buy the grip, D5 batteries and charger, and then you've got plenty of frame rate AND all that resolution. The additional few fps isn't going to matter much.

Some might say "Trade for the D5, sell the D5, buy a new or lightly used D850 and use the profit to get more gear." Assuming there's nothing wrong with the D5, sounds like a pretty good deal too!

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