Changing out the D850 with a D5. Would you do it? (Wildlife)

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Re: Changing out the D850 with a D5. Would you do it? (Wildlife)

Lasse p wrote:

larrywilson wrote:

With minimal cropping using the proper length lenses the d5 would be the choice. A better operational camera and more in focus shots with the d5. I would trade for the d5 and is not satisfied sell it and get you a new d850. If you don't extensively crop, you can make a large print with the d5. I have always found that extensive crops never make excellent large prints and generate noise. Forget about using the dx mode on the d850. I have shot with the d3s and d4 cameras and the quality of the output is easier to post process and images were beautiful if the capture was good.


Thanks Larry. I will take that into consideration.

Thanks, be sure to put more weight on people who have exactly owned a d4, d4s or d5 on opinions.  Experience is always better than opinions.  If a person is shooting birds or any wildlife at great distances and expecting the auto focus to work as well as taking an image with the proper lens and distance, it doesn't happen.  Extensive crops are never as good and minimal crops or full frame without cropping.

Think it over, try out the d5.  The d5 is meant for quick setting changes with more control exterior button and is meant for quick action whether sports or wildlife.


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