Changing out the D850 with a D5. Would you do it? (Wildlife)

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Re: Changing out the D850 with a D5. Would you do it? (Wildlife)

KEH, and probably B&H & Adorama, will give you $2050 for an x+ D5 and $1847 for an x+ D850. That's where the current market is at. Used D5 prices are falling like a rock.

I gave some thought to selling my D5 to fund another D850 purchase. But wanted to keep the D5's extra stop of performance for high ISO low light indoor sports. Otherwise the D5 would be gone. The indoor winter sports are over and like last year the D5 will now sit in the cabinet waiting for next winter or some emergency. Heck I even loss $400 trying to replace the D5 with a Z6 because of the Z's high ISO numbers & some comments made by others. Figuring I could gradually work into the mirrorless stuff. But the Z is no action camera. Be careful who's advice you take.

Edit: If I could trade my D5 for a Sony a9 and 70-200mm f2.8 lens, they're within a couple hundred dollars of each other new. Myself and most others would take it in a heart beat. $6500 for a D5 in today's market is ridiculous. Nikon must be counting on purchasing agents that are ignorant of the market for their sales.

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