X-T2 focus peaking show depth of field?

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Re: X-T2 focus peaking show depth of field?

donka wrote:

I was playing around with some manual focusing today and noticed that the red focus peaking lines would show no difference when I changed aperture. I was expecting the red lines to show more of the image in focus as I changed aperture but it always remained a thin band of red.

The actual images show show a much greater depth of field as expected, just the focus peaking did not illustrate this as I was composing the shot. Is this normal behaviour or am I doing something wrong?

Moving the focus showed the red lines move back and forth throughout the scene, but closing down the aperture made no difference to what was shown as in focus.

That's not what this feature is for. It's ONLY to show where the focus plane is at - there is only one plane of focus. Depth of field is where focus is acceptably sharp, but not fully sharp.

And when focusing having the lens stopped down just gets in the way of seeing where the plane of focus lies.

So yes this is normal behavior.

Time for you to study the basics of photography - that will help you more than anything else can at this stage. It will make it more fun & things like this will make more sense.

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