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Imaging resources claims X-T10 has 17.5mm eyepoint. Now not sure if I can trust this data...

What is the issue for glasses user, I don't where glasses, the x-t100 is a fabulous camera though, you will be pleased by its image quality, really pleased, all Fuji's are not the same

Issue with glasses that you eye can not be close enough to viewfinder to view 100% of content -- simply because you can not put it closer than you glasses allow. E.g. if I will view in viewfinder than the closes I can get my eye to it defined by how far my glasses glass is from my eye. Hope that gives a view. A bigger eyepoint value is -- the more far away you eye can be from viewfinder and still see 100% of content. I tried X-T100 and for me I lost about 30%-40% of content inside viewfinder with glasses on. On PEN-F (20 mm eyepoint) I also loose something but like 10 % corners, not so critical, so I guess from 21 mm eyepoint for me viewfinder works with glasses well.

You can always put glasses away, but this is a hassle for sure, so if there is choice I will try to avoid camera that force me to do that. That's sad, cause as u mentioned -- X-T100 seemed like a very nice cheap step in into Fuji for me, on paper.

I can hold the camera quite a distance away from my eye and see the evf quite clearly, I am surprised it doesn't work with glasses.

I was also surprised, tbh. Last time I had such a crumped view through viewfinder with glasses on old Nikon D70, which had fairly bad viewfinder. But I tried X-T100 very shortly, so maybe I need to back to store and try again, maybe I missed something?

As someone who wears glasses, the viewfinder doesn't bother me at all. It's the same size as the X-T20/30 so I find the viewfinder to be adequate.

As you said, the X-T100 seemed nice on paper, but after owning it and using it over the past three months, it's been very disappointing.

Really? What is disappointing to you? Can u please share?

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