Changing out the D850 with a D5. Would you do it? (Wildlife)

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Re: Changing out the D850 with a D5. Would you do it? (Wildlife)

scokill wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

scokill wrote:

tomnorth wrote:

Dynamic range is one area. The D4s is slightly better at low ISOs. My point wasn’t to put down the D5 or to argue that the D4s is the better camera, but rather to show that my decision to sell my D4s to buy a D850 is roughly equivalent to the decision to sell a D5 to buy a D850.

I don't want an argument either, just want to know the steps back. So low ISO DR. Anything else?

Resolution that can make a difference if you print large or crop; also size, price, viewfinder, and weight.

They said the D5 was a step back from the D4s....the D5 has increased resolution, so that would be a plus. Maybe you are comparing the D5 to D850?

Yes, you are right; my bad.

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