Helios-44 2/58mm 13 blades worth it?

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Re: Helios-44 2/58mm 13 blades worth it?

The interest for this lens is:

  1. Swirly bokeh
  2. Cheap

To obtain the Swirly bokeh, you must shoot @ 2/2.8. At such wide aperture, having 13 instead of 8 blades will make little to no difference. The only interest of having more blade is when you stop down, you want to keep ball bokeh of wider aperture.

This lens is not quite good. The design is decade old, the coating is bad and the sharpness is really nothing to be impressed with. You don't use this lens for the sharpness anyway. You want that weird eerie bokeh. There are no situation where you'll use this lens as your flagship, ever on your camera. You just said you got 2k$ worth of lens. Why spend again more for a crappy lens that will never replace the quality of your current lens?

I really like my Helios 44-2 but as a special lens for a specific purpose, i.e., close subject to get that swirly background bokeh. For that, I think 40$ is really awesome for the quality of the lens and the picture it creates. It's good for such an inexpensive lens and for that time but a lot have changed since, especially when it comes to flare resistance. So it's a very nice lens to have but just don't overpay for this thing... Just take one cheap and then decide if you really want a model that's in better condition and a better version.

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