Changing out the D850 with a D5. Would you do it? (Wildlife)

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Re: Changing out the D850 with a D5. Would you do it? (Wildlife)

Lasse p wrote:

SKersting66 wrote:

In good light and with better lenses it's the D850, also in lower light when you can use longer SS's (not wildlife usually).
In poor light, faster action, or with slower lenses (i.e. f/6.3 zooms) the D5 is better. I don't really have any justification for the AF performance difference, but I've tested them side-by-side and it's notable/repeatable (I own both). And 12fps vs 9fps (with grip/battery) is enough to be significant at times... very significant vs 7fps w/o grip.
Often there is no real benefit to the D850... i.e. lower res output/use, ISO above ~1600, etc., but there's no real negative either (other than file size). The D850 will/should always have better color accuracy; not that you will always be able to tell.

Thank you for the insight. I have had times where the AF would have a hard time locking on birds. Especially the smaller subjects. But my most often encountered issue with the D850 is that it shows you all the imperfections in your technique. Which i am apparently not yet a master of. I am hoping the D5 is a little more forgiving. Do you find that the case?

Yes, the D5 is more forgiving... that's part of what I meant about there not really being a benefit to the D850 a lot of the time.
I don't really think the D850 is "more crop-able" than any other FF sensor most of the time... technique/situation/lens/settings often means you record the same image resolution (sharpness/detail), just with more pixels... which also means each pixel gets less light.
Yeah, you're left with more pixels remaining, but that doesn't really mean much.

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