It’s Nikon’s fault that I’m writing this......

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Re: It’s Nikon’s fault that I’m writing this......

gm3sf wrote:

Shutter blackout: One of the first real shoots I had with this camera was shooting low level flying Jets. What I found was that the shutter blackout made it to where I was essentially counting on being able to maintain a steady pan (speed) and found I was pretty much using “The Force” to track the jet. If I went off what I was seeing, or rather, the image flashed to me in the viewfinder, I was too late and simply couldn’t keep up. I eventually got the hang of it, but found myself wondering why I should be guessing. This should be better than what I’ve had for years already

Back to the focus tracking. When I encountered this I thought maybe it was me. Maybe I wasn’t using the right “tracking” mode. On the forums people said to use this mode or that one. I tried all of them and it worked ok for say a moving car that took most of the viewfinder, but for something as simple as tracking my dog as he walked towards me, it just was so inconsistent that I couldn’t see keeping it. How could I? How could I justify keeping something that couldn’t do what my several year old D500 could do without missing a beat?

So, I had heard of this A9 from Sony. I watched review after review on YouTube. I marveled at the atimos footage showing the focusing sensors shimmering over a fast moving subject. I drooled when I saw there was zero blackout. After a few weeks that was it. The decision was made. I would buy the A9 and then sell all the Nikon gear I had.

In this masterful modern twist on an ancient story, the young Luke Skywalker, a photography enthusiast, struggles to track jets with his Nikon Z mount camera. Before he has finished training on Dagobah, he urgently feels the need to go to save his friends and provide them good photos of an event, even though master Yoda thinks he isn't ready. So he says "Screw the Force" and buys a Sony and defeats the Empire in an action photography mirrorless photoshoot using his better gear. At Yoda's funeral, award-winning photojournalist Han Solo is overheard saying "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."

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