R/RP ND Filter & Control Ring Mounts

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Re: R/RP ND Filter & Control Ring Mounts

JerryriggedTECH wrote:

cpharm86 wrote:

I'm getting my RP next week. I have not seen much on the use of the Variable ND filter and Control Ring Mounts. Has anyone purchased either one of these mounts?

$399 seems a bit steep but I guess less expensive then purchasing individual ND filters to give you 1.5-9 stops.

Drop-In Filter Mount with Variable ND Filter

Choice of Circular Polarizer Filter &/or Drop-in Circular Density Filter


Control Ring Mount:


I just bought the vari ND adapter. Arrived last night, but I haven't opened / tried it out yet. I wanted to buy the clear filter at the same time, but is not available on B&H. When I don't need ND, not sure if it is better to just change to the basic adapter, or leave the filter adapter on with a clear filter.

I was talking to the Canon rep at WPPI last week and they suggested you keep the clear filter in. I don't own the mounts yet for my RP. My RP came with the grip and basic mount.

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