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tbcass wrote:

noisebeam wrote:

I'm still a bit uneasy about 5a vs. 6. I went thru my catalog of RX100m2 images and was surprised how many are at f1.8, f2.0 - not just from around home, but also taken around sundown at end of hikes.

You are contradicting yourself. Originally you said you missed the 70-100mm range and now you say many are f1.8-f2. The 70-100 range is f4 and above max. It appears you should keep your RX100ii and add an RX100Va.

Not really, both are true which is what makes this a bit hard. I do miss that 70-100 range and could find occasional use for 100-200. Many is relative out of thousand of images. Many are below f2.0, but most are f4-5.6. Some are 70-100, but most are 28mm. I plan to keep the m2 for use wide open, but adding a m6 makes sense as the m5a would just duplicate the wide open m2. The water spots on my m2 are noticeable in blue skies starting at f4.

But I sincerely appreciate my thoughts being challenged as it helps me think thru this.

Many of those however are at iso160 so there was room to bump it up without notable quality hit. But there were also a good number at high iso 5-30sec exposures for evening and night shots.

I temper my unease my knowing I can still use my m2 for wide open aperture images as the water spots shouldn't show in darker wide open images.

At some point I may buy a Canon 80D or 6Dm2 which will provide an far better low light camera. It will replace my 30D which I don't use anymore due to autofocus failure.

Make sure you don't get a slow kit lens because it would negate much of your high ISO needs. Also I would expand your search beyond Canon because IMO Nikon and Sony make better APS-C and FF cameras. A Sony A7iii would work well with the RX cameras because of the similarity of the menus, better sensor, better video and better AF than the 80D and 6D M2. Even Canon users were disappointed with the 6D2.

I have several 80D compatible lenses I like including Sigma 30/1.4 and 15/2.8 fisheye, Canon 100/2.8 macro and 50/1.8. Plus the Canon 18-55mm kit from the Rebel and the Canon intervalometer. An 80D would mean no need to sell/buy lenses and there would be a small learning curve with similar controls as 30D.

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