Is it possible to return/replace X-T3 after this?

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Re: Is it possible to return/replace X-T3 after this?

Jerry-astro wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

noggin2k1 wrote:

Jakes wrote:

When I get a new shotgun I scratch the stock on a barbed wire fence so I don't have to worry about when it will happen.

No guessing what part of the world you’re from

I don't know, what part of the country doesn't have an active sports shooting population? Idaho? Montana? Colorado? Dakotas? Utah? Texas? Arkansas? Michigan? Florida? Alabama? Tennessee? Virginia? West Virginia? Kentucky? Wyoming? Nevada?

Or what city doesn't have an active criminal shooting population? Baltimore? New York? Oakland? LA? Miami? DC? Atlanta? New Orleans?

I'm dying to know. What part of the country is obviously a "shotgun region"? Yes, he's from Texas, but saying where a person is from because they mention a shotgun is frankly prejudiced.

when you can casually compare a camera to a shotgun...

They both shoot. What's your major malfunction over a shotgun?

Umm, I believe the comment was “what part of the world you are from?” There may be some differences between various states in the US, but once you travel beyond the US border, things change dramatically with respect to attitudes towards guns.

But then again, this is getting pretty OT (and potentially controversial), wouldn’t you think?

Good point.

So in revision - "what city of the world doesn't have an active criminal shooting population? São Paulo (and many other places in Brazil)? London? Montreal? BeiJing? Rome? Moscow? Istanbul? Mexico City? Juarez? Reynosa(personal experience) Cali? Capetown? Caracas!?

Just sayin', the comment was...unwarranted I think.

Okay, okay. I'll stop.

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